Network Coverage Map Checker for Internet Service Providers

Fully managed network feasibility and coverage map checker application

Key features:

  • Connect your customer address with the correct network providers

  • Weekly updates of all provider coverage data (areas, lines, and towers)

  • Reduce cancelled orders due to inaccurate or outdated coverage

  • Generate more and better leads, resulting in more sales (How to get more clients)

  • Select your services and providers

  • Choose your preferred template and customize

  • Integrate into your website and call centre application

To know more:

Thanks to our IT Solution we are solving several issues that meet professionals as Telecommunication Providers or Internet Service Providers by using Location Intelligence. ​

Our Network Interactive Map can also be named: 

  • Network Coverage Map Checker

  • Network Coverage Map Feasibility

  • Custom Telecom Coverage Map 

  • Custom Coverage Map for ISPs

  • Fibre Coverage Map

Our Mapping Software is driven by several tools: 

  • GIS application (Geographic Information System)

  • Google Maps APIs

  • Our own APIs

As the first Google Maps Premier Partner, we know how to combine Google Maps and our own technologies to build the best platform and enhance your customers' journeys on your website.

Please note, we are not Internet Sellers! We help Telecom Providers to sell faster and better.

Check this video to understand what we are doing:

We are helping Communication Service Providers, ISPs...manage their Inventory Network Access. 

We provide up to date data all over South Africa. 

We update the Network Coverage Map with all different kind of network such as: 

  • 2G

  • 3G 

  • LTE

  • Fixed LTE

  • Home Fibre

  • DSL 

  • VDSL 

  • Business Fibre

  • Business Wireless

  • Microwave

Our IT Solutions will help your customers find the perfect Internet Service.

Indeed thanks to our Network Coverage Map Checker, the users type his address, check the feasibility status and cost details in simple steps.


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