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Announcing 28East's Line of Sight API

Updated: Apr 11, 2022

Any internet service provider (ISP) will understand the importance of having clear line of sight, as it affects the quality of WiFi. In many setups, data can only be transmitted and received where stations are in view of each other, without any physical obstacles between them.

This is a primary consideration for ISPs when planning a network. The receiving station must be in a direct line of sight with the transmitting stations in order to send and receive signals. If the line of sight is obstructed, the signals can be blocked and the system is basically inoperative.

Think of WiFi like sound waves emitting from your speakers: the more buildings, trees, hills and even other speakers between you and your speaker, the less sound you're going to hear. When it comes to network planning, ensuring a clear line of sight is often a manual process where people drive to each tower to check if it can be seen from all locations.

This process is both costly and timely, but with 28East's line of sight API, this becomes a digital process that saves you both.

How does 28East’s LoS API work?

You simply drop a pin on the map to see if you have line of sight at a location. The map and API keep the terrain and land layout in mind, which is perfect for developers involved in the planning of telecommunications or radio networks. You can see an example of this below:

This solution saves both time and money, makes network planning much easier, and has been developed to accommodate robust usage and is hosted in Google Cloud Platform for scalability, availability, and security.

If you'd like to hear more about our map solutions for Internet Service Providers, click here or get in touch at

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