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Telecommunications: Network Coverage Solution

Our network coverage map solution provides a world-class lead generation solution for any ISP or telecoms provider. 

With our outofthebox API and WMS, you can add a coverage map and checker to your website or app in no time. 


Connect more customers with the right product, at the correct location or address. Convert visitors to paying customers and increase lead generation.

Example 1

Example 2​

Example 3

One of our Network Coverage Map Solution we did for a Telecom provider. You notice the different layers colors. One color for each network services. Easily the user can type his address in the search bar, and see which servies are avaible within his area.
  • Local procurement 

  • Local support

  • Pay in South African Rands

  • Special payment terms

  • Volume discounts

  • Optimisation of your usage

Google Maps APIs are now part of the Google Maps Platform and Cloud pay as you go model. This model brings the scalability of Google Cloud, more flexibility in the use of services and predictable pricing.


We assist many corporate customers in opening an account on their behalf for local procurement and support. We provide customers with expert advice on best
practices for optimisation of services. And of course, we can offer volume discounts.

Google Maps Platform Billing


E-commerce: Checkout Solution

Our E-commerce checkout solution ensures that online shoppers can easily capture their delivery address. This can be a physical address, business, point of interest or
a dropped pin on the map.

Our solution will enhance the user experience on your application, but also ensure accurate capturing and reduced non-deliveries.

Delivery and non-delivery addresses are clearly communicated to users, ensuring that only valid orders are being captured.


Logistics: Route & Load Optimisation Solutions

Every day we’re assisting our customers who use our route optimisation engine to work smarter and better by saving time and fuel.

Our engine makes use of various algorithms like Travel Salesman Problem and Vehicle Routing, and considers constraints such as vehicle capacity, time windows and others, to ensure the most effective and efficient solution for deliveries.

We can scale our solution to suit your specific needs by leveraging the Google Cloud Platform.

Sales Territory Optimisation Solution

Our sales territory optimisation solution ensures that sales territories are optimised for gaining the best return on investment. We take the pressure off managing large-scale sales force.

Our products will help you solve challenges like finding the right balance between effort and reward, and providing equal opportunities for all sales representatives.
Our proven methodology addresses the high level planning, down to detailed daily
schedules, for the most effective and optimised sales effort.

Manage your online presence: Google My Business

Let customers find your business in the right place with up-to-date opening hours by correctly listing data on Google. 
Our solution ensures that your location data on Google Search, Google Maps and Google My Business are always up to date. 
Improve your Google ranking by boosting your conversion rate by ensuring business data is correct and up to date. Being on the map, brings customers to your store.

Whether sports shop, gas station, ATM, mailbox or parcel shop, your customers depend on finding your location through correct data on Google.

You take care of maintaining your store data in your own system and we ensure that the same data entries are always up-to-date with Google Search, Google Maps and
Google My Business.

Race Route Maps

It is essential to have an accurate and interactive road map for all major sports events. This is used extensively by athletes to plan their race, and also an essential
tool for spectators.

Road closures and dedicated spectator areas on race day impact the whole community, from small business owners to residents, and even people passing through the area.

28East is a proud sponsor of the Comrades Race Map and many more.

Example of race route map we did for Comrades Marathon.

Campus Mapping

It can be daunting to try and find your way around a university campus as a first year student or visitor, often leading to much time wasted.

28East has partnered with universities to provide a complete campus mapping experience. This involves mapping the building footprint; including lecture halls, offices and amenities such as toilets, parking, sport fields, and even residences. Realistic 360 degree (Streetview type)
photographs means that everyday can be Open Day.

The interactive campus maps website or application ensures that students no longer have an excuse to miss a lectures.



Line of Sight API

Our Line of Sight API is the perfect tool for developers involved in the planning of telecommunication or radio networks. 

Network Coverage API

The network coverage checker provides insight into data connections at any address or coordinate in South Africa, based on a repository of fibre, LTE and ADSL providers.


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