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Maps to Optimise Deliveries 


Real-time parcel visibility.
Optimise driver routes.
Increased customer satisfaction.


Google Maps Platform has been a popular choice for businesses seeking to leverage real-time location data, traffic information, and optimized routing algorithms to streamline their operations, whether for on-demand rides or last-mile deliveries. By integrating Google Maps APIs and SDKs into their applications, businesses can create feature-rich solutions for their fleet operations.

Some key features and benefits typically associated with Google Maps Platform for On-Demand Rides and Deliveries and the Last Mile Fleet Solution include:

  • Real-time location data: Access to accurate and up-to-date location information enables businesses to track their vehicles and drivers in real-time, ensuring efficient fleet management and improved customer service.

  • Traffic information: Google Maps provides live traffic data, allowing businesses to make informed decisions on route planning to avoid congested areas and minimize delivery times.

  • Optimised routing algorithms: Google Maps offers sophisticated routing algorithms that consider various factors such as traffic conditions, road closures, and delivery priorities to optimize the routes taken by drivers, leading to cost and time savings

  • Places functionality: The Places API allows businesses to access information about various points of interest, such as restaurants, gas stations, and shopping centers, which can be valuable for on-demand services and last-mile deliveries.

  • Backend service for orchestration: The Last Mile Fleet Solution typically includes a backend service that helps businesses manage and coordinate delivery journeys efficiently across drivers, consumers, and fleet operations teams.

  • Customization and integration: Google Maps Platform provides developers with APIs and SDKs that can be tailored to suit specific business requirements, allowing for seamless integration into existing applications and services.

Benefits for each steps of the delivery process


Delivery address verification


Route Planning & Dispatching


Driver Routing & Navigation


Task tracking and ETAs


Fleet Analytics

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