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Automating Connectivity Feasibility to Drive Sales Performance

28East assisted Skywire, a provider of various connectivity solutions, with an application powered by Google Cloud and Maps Platform, to perform connectivity feasibility checks faster and more accurately, resulting in increased lead generation and sales.

The challenge

Determining the feasibility of connectivity across various technologies (including fibre, LTE and high sites) was a tedious and slow process. All feasibility requests had to be done manually by specialist staff at the head office. Skywire had to make use of various applications to check feasibility. Checking feasibility of high sites was particularly difficult as very limited applications were used to be able to determine whether line of sight was possible between the high sights and the customer location. Skywire also often had to perform bulk feasibility checks, a cumbersome and time consuming task as feasibility checks had to be performed one by one. The result was that the sales team were often slow to respond to customer requests and slow to get quotations out, resulting in loss of sales and revenue.

The solution

Skywire approached 28East, an Authorised Premier Google Maps partner, to assist in developing applications for checking connectivity feasibility. The 28East feasibility portal provides the ability to perform single and bulk feasibility checks across various technologies using a secure and scalable infrastructure in the backend. The web application makes use of Google Maps Autocomplete to specify the user location and the various technologies, including high site line of sight, is visualised on a Google Maps front end. The line of sight functionality is a key feature of the application and makes use of Google Maps Elevation API to determine desktop line of sight between the user location and the various high sites within range of the customer. The complete application and APIs run in Google Cloud Platform.

The results

  • significant Improvement in the speed and accuracy of feasibility checks

  • vast increase in responding to customer requests and getting quotations out

  • increase in revenue as a direct result of new application

About the Customer

Established in 2004, SkyWire made a name for itself as a trusted partner, and telecoms service provider that offers connectivity solutions to meet every need, including Wireless, Fixed, LTE and satellite solutions across a single, next-generation network. They offer full-spectrum solutions and have over 80,000 high sites around South Africa, meaning they can connect our customers in the shortest possible time irrespective of their location.

Industry: Telecommunications

Location: South Africa

About 28East

28East, a Premier Google Maps Partner, is boutique software company focussing on developing interactive map powered and location intelligence applications. 28East is part of a handful of partners who have earned the prestigious Google Cloud Location Based Services specialisation.


  • Google Maps Platform

  • Google Cloud Platform

  • Google Firebase

  • 28East Network Feasibility API

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