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Perks of Picking a certified Google Maps Partner

You’ve decided on Google Cloud as a business solution, great choice! Now get the most out of this powerful platform with the help of a Certified Google Partner.

Google is easy – why do I need a Google Partner?

Google solutions are easy to use, aren’t they? It’s even easier and more effective when Google Partners help you implement Google’s global solution to address your specific business challenges.

Google Partners solve business challenges with

  • Expert knowledge: A partner brings industry background and local context knowledge to solve your business needs.

  • Experience: They’ve been there and done that, knows what works and what doesn’t. Best of all, they have proven success.

Which level partner do I need?

Partners that have certified their teams, earned Expertise, and achieved Specialization have the Google-validated skills to help you achieve your goals. – Google

There are 3 Google Partners designations:

  • Specialization: the highest technical designation a partner can earn in a solution area, indicating an established Google Cloud services practice, consistent customer success, and proven technical capabilities, vetted by Google and a third-party assessor.

  • Expertise: indicates demonstrated proficiency and customer success through the combination of experience in a specific industry, workload, or product.

  • Certification: indicating validated technical knowledge and advanced skills to address your businesses needs with Google Cloud technologies.

What advantages do Google Partners offer?

A Google Partner offers:

  • Expert applications development services to assist customers

  • Best practice advice and suggestions on optimisation of services

  • Access to additional volume discounts tiers for high usage customers

  • Free technical and billing support in your time zone

  • Local procurement of enterprise accounts

  • Accurate cost estimates based on various usage scenarios

  • Setting up usage quotas to prevent billing surprises

28East – your Google Maps Partner

28East is a boutique software company developing interactive map-powered applications for innovative and progressive African customers. As a Premier Google Maps Partner, with Specialization in Location-Based Services, we can help you

  • Get sales leads from maps

  • Simplify online purchase checkouts with maps

  • Optimise deliveries for last mile deliveries with maps

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