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How to get more clients with our Custom Coverage Map

Updated: Sep 17, 2020

COVID-19 is changing the dynamics in our economy along with our habits.

But one thing is sure, people will need internet availability more than ever before.

Here’s how the coverage map can gain clients for Internet Service and Telecom Providers

What is a Custom Coverage Map?

1. A detailed and customisable online map to help you display all your connectivity services according to the customer location.

2. The client or prospect can either write his address or drop a pin to check broadband availability.

3. We provide fresh data every week about all types of connectivity around South Africa.

4. Here an example of what we provide to BitCo:

For your own Free Demo, just click on "Request a Demo" on the right top of your screen.

Or click here to know more about our Coverage Map Solution.

Which APIs are you using to build a Custom Coverage Map?

With our Google Maps APIs and custom APIs and SDKs, you remain in full control of your content, with your own branding and no advertisement.

1. Here’s a list of APIs we’re using:

Google Places API

Google Geocoding API

Google Maps Javascript API

Our APIs

2. The most complex coverage maps are those with lines of sights involved. In this case, we provide the Google Elevation API (with our towers API)

3. Moreover some clients also use our Closest Line API.

But every Custom Coverage Map stays unique.

Contact our sales team to see which APIs you will need.

Which are the benefits for your clients?

1. Smooth UX design experience.

2. Display your product availability.

3. Less effort from your client will bring more sales your way.

In one click your client or prospect, can see, fiber availability, mobile phone coverage, lte coverage.

Which are the benefits for your business?

1. Greater loyalty of your users:

Well-thought-out navigation builds the loyalty of a user. They will favor your site on their next visit and will talk about it to those around them.

2. A better conversion rate, regardless of the objective.

3. Optimizing your brand image.

In fact, a bad experience on a site will generate user frustration with your brand.

A good experience on site will reduce frustration and put your brand at an advantage.

4. Control your costs.

Thinking about the ergonomic aspects of your platforms upstream

will save you from having to spend too much on human resources.

There is less demand for the call center.

The 28East Team.

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