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We know your Telecom needs

Updated: Sep 21, 2020

Your clients and prospects have specific needs, and we know what they are.

Convince Telecom Provider to use our coverage map to display their internet services.

We just need to look at the search term trends from specific tools, such as Google Ads or Ubersuggest, to know what your clients want.

Dear reader,

At 28East, we sell specific IT products and create a bunch of different software to fit your needs and meet your business challenges.

1. One of our top IT products is The Custom Coverage Map Solution

2. Our Custom Coverage Map Solution is aimed at

Internet Service Providers

Telecom Providers

3. Clients that already take advantage of our solution:

  • Cell C

  • Cool Ideas

  • MWeb …

4. Our developers work hard to make sure our products are user friendly so you don't need to know all the technical details.

Our Maps can be integrated into Websites or Apps under Android, IOS or any others (PC and mobile) operating system software.

5. Here is one of our Custom Coverage Map Solutions that is completely personalized and specifically developed for BitCo.

This map adapts perfectly to their website design.

6. The benefits of using search terms

We have analysed the search terms used by current and future clients that lead to Google Ads. Check out what they are searching in South Africa in a month (using Ubersuggest):

  • Is fibre in my area : 1000

  • Check fibre in my area : 260

  • Internet in my area : 110

  • Network tower near me : 20

  • Vodacom fibre coverage areas : 170

  • Fibre coverage map south africa : 70

  • Rain coverage check : 70

  • Internet connection rural areas : 10

  • Mtn network coverage : 170

  • Is fibre available at my address : 10

  • Liquid telecom coverage map : 20

  • Is fibre optic broadband available in my area : 10

  • When will be fibre in my area : 90

  • check if I have fibre in my area : 10

All of those search terms prove that prospects are looking for quick answers and want to know whether they are eligible for your Internet services within a specific area.

The needs are clearly expressed, as the keywords “my area”, “near me”, “at my address” are often mentioned.

7. The best way to check your client's internet and telecom availability

That's where our super-simple, effective Coverage Map comes into play!

The client is automatically geolocalized once they're checking the Coverage Map. They will know which service to target and potentially buy according to your Network availability.

For details of the benefits for your business and clients, take a look at our article “How to get more clients with our Custom Coverage Map?

If you'd like more information check out our Demo and Book your Demo with us by clicking on “Request a Demo” at your top right screen corner.

Cheers for now :)

The 28East Team.

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