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What would be the “next” after the COVID-19 for ISPs and Telecom Providers?

Updated: Jun 24

As Europe is preparing for the after lockdown, some relevant key numbers are emerging:

According to the National Retailers Association and McKinsey & Co reports:

  • 90% of consumers have changed their traditional shopping habits.

  • In the US, more than 50% of consumers have ordered products online that they would normally purchase at the store.

  • Nearly 60% of consumers say they are worried about going to the store due to fear of being infected

The customer journey won’t be the same anymore.

The world moves from offline to online shopping.

People will now be more worried about visiting public spaces for shopping. They will rely on eCommerce instead and this will continue to do so going forward.

This is valuable for foods, clothes etc. and Internet Services as well.

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, South Africa has stepped up to fight the Coronavirus with a variety of apps and IT initiatives, in ways that will likely change the tech landscape in the country forever.

Emphasizing the necessity of digital transformation!

To gain a competitive advantage, what should you improve?

Even more than before you need to have a good user experience (UX: user experience is a person's emotions and attitudes about using a particular product, system or service). Indeed, if businesses can provide customers with a positive online experience, the short-term losses that brands may experience now could lead to their long-term gain.

Provide your clients with the best online shopping.

Make your website user friendly by:

This is where 28East combined with Google Maps APIs can provide the best Network Coverage Map to build new customer journeys and optimise costs for any ISPs or Telecom Providers.

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